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Aha. Learn something new every day. Sort of explains Alice showing up in the bonus chapter. I confess I’m a little surprised that ヒーローの見参 also wasn’t included, especially considering the art style seems to be more in keeping with Aqua than Aria.

Maybe they decided it was confusing to include a chapter that has Alice since she’s not introduced until Aria volume 3 (according to Wikipedia).

I can’t speak to the art style at all since I don’t have any volumes of Aria yet.

You have to destroy your eyes a little (or zoom a lot) but the table of content of each book is written (in tiny) at the bottom of each promotional cover art.
Example for volume 2: ヒーロー見参 is navigation 12

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Aye, indeed she does not appear until volume 3. Or episode 3 of the anime.

Like I mentioned earlier, Aqua volume 2 has this little omake panel which hangs a lantern on Alice’s cameo, without really explaining it at all:

Edit: Found it, using Nath’s eye-destroying trick. It’s in Masterpiece Volume 3, between chapters 27 and 28.


Some of you may get a head start… I just ordered from

“Estimated delivery: May 24, 2018 - Jun 20, 2018” :roll_eyes:

In case it’s still needed, here are the Japanese table of contents in Aqua.



I’ve, um… aquired a digital version of what must be the original pre-2003 print of Aqua, because it’s also missing ヒーロー見参, and has a Special Navigation I’ve never seen before named オセロゲーム. Intriguing. Curious as to why that chapter has never appeared in any subsequent version. That I know of, anyway. (Maybe they put it in the Monthly Undine magazines? I’ve never read those…)

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Yeah, that’s the version I was looking at for comparison. That chapter is the one-shot I was referring to earlier. I assume it wasn’t included in future releases since it has nothing to do with Aqua/Aria.

Aha. I’d thought you were referring to 風邪とプリン.

Do you think it’s more likely to help or confuse people by included the original Aqua’s chapter numbers and pages too? I’m inclined to just reference Aria the Masterpiece and the newer version of Aqua that @conan posted.

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I feel like we’re going to be listing page numbers all day at this rate. Though, volume 1’s first and second editions only differ by Navigation 5 starting two pages later in the second edition. Second edition has Navigations 7 and 8 in the same order as the Masterpiece.

One idly wonders how many people are going to be reading the first edition.

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And here I expected this to be simple like when we read Yotsuba to…

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I would just like to take this opportunity, while you are tearing your hair out over page numbers, to thank you sincerely for all the work you’re putting / have put into this, and for trying to organise us all :grin:


I bought mine used on eBay, looked old enough, so might be :wink:
Will try figure out when I get them =)

I just ordered from amazon jp :slight_smile:

looking forward to reading this one!

Alright, I updated the reading schedule with all three editions. Hopefully there are no mistakes. Not sure if the page numbers are necessary. Maybe just the chapter numbers would be enough.


especially if not every page is numbered, which happens with manga all the time, it makes it a pain to find specific numbers

I would hope the beginning of each chapter has a page number, but who knows.

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My English hard copy (by Tokyopop) has one page number every twenty pages. Like, literally, the numbered pages in volume 1 are 24, 43, 51, 75, 119 and 143. It’s like, why even bother numbering just six of the pages?

The Japanese digital edition has a number on every page which doesn’t have an enlarged panel in the way - in the first chapter, 60% of the pages have numbers.

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Picked one up from CD Japan, and apparently I’m not the only one - it’s currently listed as the #1 bestselling manga on the site for today. I wonder why…