Aria the Masterpiece Home Thread (Beginner Book Club / Aria Book Club)

I think I came to this late, but I ordered my copy last night! Now just the 2-3 weeks until it gets here… Hopefully it makes it by the deadline, but I’m looking forward to this!


I ordered my copy on the 7th May, and it said that it will arrive between the 24/05 - 21/06. Two days after I placed my order, I got an email saying that they already sent it and it arrived yesterday, so it took around 8 days to send it from Japan to Europe. Having said that, if it arrives in 2-3 weeks you should be fine.

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Is there no ebook version of this?

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Was just going to ask the same thing. I looked at eBookJapan and Renta, but didn’t find it.

There isn’t. More Context

It’s a shame that there’s no ebook version of this, I really wanted to join in on the reading. I posted something here about the misconception that people might have about ebooks limiting the activities of the book club.

It’s widely available with international shipping though, just have a look at your local Amazon, ebay or similar if you can’t buy from Japanese sites. Wasn’t even expensive shipping for me, just ~3€ for 3 books to Germany.

I think that, regardless of what the book club decides to do in future regarding ebook availability, it’s a bit late to do anything about it for this book. It was selected well over a week ago, and lots of people have already purchased their copies.

I’m not sure what the decision will be, but personally I think we could at least include ebook availability in future nominations, so that those with that preference can vote accordingly.


Price and shipping is just one of many possible reasons some people might decide not to go with physical copies. Other reasons could be lack of space, allergies (yes, I know people who have reactions to books), being eco-friendly, etc., etc. I’m not going to assume and speculate about each WK member here whenever they say they prefer ebook format.

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Oh, for sure, it’s too late for this one as I’ve seen people have already ordered their copies :sweat_smile:. But I’m definitely interested in seeing the book club being more inclusive. It’s a lovely idea to have a place to share your thoughts.

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Isn’t it by voting already? This means suggesting the books you want to read, for whatever reason (availability, preference, price), and then the one more people want to read wins, once again, for whatever reason.


Sure, I guess. I’m all for making clear which books have ebook versions next time. I’m against only including books with ebook versions in the voting though. After all, everyone who only wanted to read something which didn’t win is excluded anyway and no selection will be perfect for everyone.


I’m not against voting, not at all. I’m just saying it would nice if the suggested content could be available in both formats, so that more people can join in regardless of which book is the winner.

It’s about making it more accessible. But if people aren’t willing, that’s fine as well. It’s the majority rule after all.

Think the point Kazzeon was trying to make is that if the existence of an ebook was an important factor in peoples’ decision-making process, a book with an ebook version would have won the voting.


True, but we didn’t do a good job of making that information available before (hence why we’re including it and other information in the nomination info from now on).

It can be hard enough for would-be participants to even know what all the different titles are (which is all many had to go on when casting their vote), let alone the specifics of availability and reading difficulty.

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i’m interested in joining, but i’m not sure if i could be able to afford the book (shipping always beats me bad) or even if i could, i’m not sure that i’ll have the book on time.

hopefully i can, this would be the first manga i’d read, and the idea is amazing

Edit: oh, as i thought… the only version i can afford is the one used from amazon usa, but they won’t ship to my country u.u well, c’est la vie

I hope you can!

CDJapan usually has cheaper shipping options than Amazon, which might help.

Also, if it’s absolute cost rather than cash flow that’s a problem, could you consider selling it on after you finish it?

I assume we’re not allowed to link to our ebay shops or whatever on the forum :thinking: it’s a shame in some ways, cos I bet we could all help each other by selling on material, but I guess you could end up with drama if something didn’t come through or whatever (and addresses being revealed and so on).

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that might be helpful, i wouldn’t mind selling it.

for the time being im really short on money, i’ll see if i can get it elsewhere to be able to join

might… there exist a caribbean version? yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum…


Yeah, it’s trickier if you just can’t get it to begin with. But I hope you’re able to work something out!

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I believe it was removed because of safety, so no more pms

Thank you for trying to reach me :slight_smile: