Aria the Masterpiece: Chapter 29 Discussion

Alright, finally finished this chapter. The second half was a little more interesting at least.

  • Page 325: Is Aika holding the butterfly by its wings? Poor butterfly. :frowning:
  • Page 336:より人生を楽しむための隠し味だと思えばいいじゃない
    The first part sounds like “If I think about the secret to a more fun life…” But what’s the いいじゃない doing exactly? Is she just saying it’s good/okay if she thinks about that? Or if they think about that?
  • I can’t say I fully understood the “enlightening” stuff from Grandma in this chapter though. Other than I guess have fun and if something is not fun make it fun anyway. Was there more to it than that?
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I think that’s the approved method of restraining butterflies. Though perhaps without waving it around like she is…

Isn’t there some sort of ~ばいい grammar structure = “you should”? Sort of thing?

Yeah, this kinda Zen thinking loses me sometimes in Aria - like in the Neverland chapter, Akari is happy because she chooses to be happy…

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Yeah, you’re right.

Basically it boiled down to “Akari, keep doing what you’re doing”. :joy:

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