Aria the Masterpiece: Chapter 28 Discussion


That absolutely fluorescent blush.


Precisely :rofl:

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Isn’t that because Aika is embarrassing her? So you mean Akari’s blush is the evidence of why she’s is not a ハレンチ娘?
I feel like I’m making you explain a joke :confused:

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When Aika mentioned an Undine flashing her panties, Akari’s blush should have made it clear to Aika that the Undine she’s talking about is Akari. Because, you know, it is.

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Ah… well it seems like I completely misinterpreted the end of the chapter. I thought Aika already knew it was Akari and was making fun of her, but now I get it.

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Hm, but 陰日向なくis neutral actually: you just do not change behavior to impress people who are watching. That can be good if said behavior is good, it can be bad if you are just lazing around without even caring that everybody is watching you.

Now, Alicia said that they are supporting everybody (with a くれる even). So that’s a good thing. They are amazing, even when people aren’t watching.

(Or maybe I just don’t understand what you mean).
Answering more specifically:

She is saying they are a good thing, all the time.

Well, I don’t have the book with me, but I think it “parked itself” upside-down, though.

He gets parked upside-down, but the bike looks fine. At least, I think it does - it’s pretty small in the next panel we see it.

Presumably it’s got an auto-land function - considering he deliberately jumped off rather than perform some sort of emergency bailout, he would have engaged it before he jumped.

Mind you, the little “あたま” written on his head bugs me a bit. “Oh, whoops, I drew it a bit off, so it’s a bit hard to tell it’s his head. I guess I’ll just write ‘head’ on it. That should do the trick.”

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And considering he is probably doing so on a regular basis.

I’m completely in favour of self-parking vehicles :joy:
Also flying ones.
Just not sure about jumping off them mid-air though