Are wk users..... okay?



edit: I keep adding, as I keep seeing


the answer is, no.

/close thread


I was starting to wonder the same thing. Almost made a parody darkly named thread to sit next to those two but was too lazy.


Secondary effects from Logan Paul. It’s that cancerous.


If we were just okay, we wouldn’t have all joined the Cult of Crabigator.


I’m definitely not OK. Are you OK?

All these people that I see here on a daily (hourly!) basis: are they OK? Or are they all at least a tiny bit obsessed with the Crabigator?

Do I regularly fantasize about what my life will be like when I finish WaniKani and whether it will be pure freedom or bliss or I won’t know how to fill the void that WaniKani leaves behind? Maybe.


If i can choke out the words “im… okay” through my tears, that means im okay right.





Sounds to me like they need to do more reviews.


Logan Paul is so First Week 2018. It’s almost February

Also, not okay. But haven’t been for around 5 years already so nothing new to add


As long as it keeps giving me likes, I will always be a fulfilled person. I mean, likes are all that matter… right?


I just made up a song. It goes, “I take the thread from the poop and I eat (いと) it.” Enough said.


It’s a mystery.



I’m definitely not ok, not sure about everyone else


Of course


Are you okay right now?

  • Yes :slightly_smiling_face:
  • No :upside_down_face:

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Please change the options of this poll to yes or yes because we are all okay all the time very ok yes okay