Are typos and other "redo" type events really a problem?

I’m another person who mainly uses the undo script for 1) genuine typos, and 2) the English meaning side of things. The typos I don’t really care that much about–if a card gets demoted based on one, that’s usually no big deal. Using the script to fix them is a nice bonus, but not a huge problem for me.

That said, getting an arbitrary English meaning wrong can be frustrating enough that, especially if the failure is at a high level, that the script is worth it for me. Maybe that feels like “cheating” to some people, but I can’t really imagine using the site without it.

A recent example of a word I’ve used the redo script for a lot is 殉職, which WK defines as “die at one’s post” “die on duty” and “die at your post.” Even aside from the fact that this is yet another example of WK treating verbal nouns inconsistently, which can lead to problems with remembering when WK wants gerund/participle form answers and when it wants nouns (or, in this case, straight up verbs), there are kind of a lot of ways to phrase this meaning. I’m not keen to gamble on whether I can remember that WK wants “dying on duty” (fine) but not “death while on duty” (not fine) six months from now. This isn’t something I can add a lot of synonyms for either; it’s a complex meaning and there are too many ways to describe it.

Failing a vocabulary word I know because I don’t remember the specific phrasing WK uses doesn’t help me learn better–if anything, it locks me into a rigid pattern of thinking regarding the meanings of words.

As @polv said, rightness (especially with respect to English definitions imo) is arbitrary in some ways. The undo script helps me move forward with actual learning, rather than getting stuck on the specific phrasing that WK wants.