Are these supposed N1 kanji actually useful?

Shame we can’t do custom titles, or I’d do “Yes I reset again”


Oh wait, no one mentioned 昴 yet. If you care about names, I’ve seen that a couple times.


We cant request sect titles for ourselves, but maybe for others, hmm?
@RachelG ?

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Stack overflow.



EDIT: Just to make sure people are getting it.


宵 from 今宵
爵 in 公爵, depending on what you’re reading
棺 from 棺桶
琉 in 琉球 but it’s not used in any other contexts apart from history it seems
畝る comes up a lot in 獣の奏者
禄 in 貫禄 or 元禄時代
肢 as in 下肢 or 肢体 are pretty normal words I would say
稀 I would say is also common
艶 too
蘭 if you care about flowers or Detective Conan
箇 in 一箇所, 箇条書き
褐 from 褐色
嵩 from 嵩張る
柚 because 柚子
賜る is pretty standard keigo I think

旭 is used in place names
苑 from 広辞苑 the dictionary

Not saying that I’ve seen all of these without furigana before, just listing words that might be useful to know


No, he’ll lose his current sect if mods change that, unless there’s a just badge for that. cc @RachelG

That’s fine

Without the word “sect” it tends to just confuse people if anything


And how will we ever remember that his name is James Craburn?

Who is James Craburn, anyway? Google only coughs up two links to these forums with posts discussing Leebo’s sect, then all the other results are James Coburn or Cranbourne or whatever.


I still suggest mods to make a badge ‘Yes I reset” then grant that to some users instead of changing sect title. Who(not the person) knows other resetters want to have that too? so no need to change sect title over and over. @Leebo @Belthazar cc @RachelG



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Who knows all.

Who’s on first?

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Rhetorical questions are a thing, you know.


It depends. Could be Husky first, could be Bo, could be Neither. If mods don’t approve/grant then shouganai.

Is that so?


Calling @koichi… May he be nice and grant you your wish.

I wonder how many resets are a flag that a lifetime WK account is getting traded or shared.

I was thinking it wasn’t automatic actually. So those special badges are for special users only. If it’s automatic like your wondering, I think that’ll require programming (or even “just” scripting) from their end (maybe) and that’ll complicate things further cos they use third party (discourse). Besides, I don’t think WK users who are inactive in forum or never read/posted here care about badges and sect title and/or people’s questions/comments about “Did you reset again?” and again and again. Hark! Too long again. (I hope we’re not derailing this thread too much. )

Oh, I didn’t even notice 猪 in the list. That’s actually in the last name of a character in きんいろモザイク, and was used as a joke in the first chapter of the series.

Oh, the name of the main character in Citrus is a pun? That’s lame. I haven’t even read the manga or watched the anime, so I don’t know why I know the character’s name.

I probably shouldn’t have directed this about badges (sounds like a nice idea for the forum). Since someone put up a wanted ad for a discounted ‘used’ BP lifetime account, I would imagine account trading resets happens here.

Not that I’m accusing anyone