Are there incorrect vocab words on WK? How best to supplement vocab with other sources?

It depends on the JLPT level. It’ll help but not completely, no. It’ll help fill in some of the blanks the wanikani doesn’t cover, but you would still need to learn other things.

I still like memrise because it’s both useful yet and fast. It won’t take up a ton of your time to learn or review.

Yeah, WK isn’t nearly enough for N1 kanji vocab.

What about N2? That’s probably the highest I’d go for the exams tbh.

Even for N2 you will encounter many kanji vocab not covered on WK, but it won’t be as many.

Search for Anki decks created by Hinekidori or Breadstickninja. Put an @ symbol in front of their username in the search bar.

Here is one to get your started:

There is one called WKNai, which covers kanji which is not included in WaniKani. Honestly, at the beginner level, you will have your hands full just learning what WaniKani covers.

This link is for improving your Anki skills: [Anki] Tutorials

Please do not confuse the words “obscure” and “incorrect”. A word, which does not get used much is not wrong.

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