Are there any plans to make a dedicated small character button

sorry if this was already put down but there are times where it wont do the small character when I’m typing so ive been using this site Hiragana Japanese Online Keyboard LEXILOGOS on another monitor to copy and paste the small characters to the text box, i realize that there is a way to type to get a small character but this is just less of a hassal I feel then remembering them

It’s just typed the way it’s pronounced.
Pronounce: kyuu
Type: kyuu
Get: きゅう

Alternatively you can use an x or l in front of the character to make it small (On WK always x)
Type: kixyuu
Also get: きゅう

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I don’t think it is necessary to create a dedicated small character button.

Please read the following Wanikani guides for typing Japanese characters:

  1. Koichi’s guide on How to type Japanese characters

  2. Go to the FAQ and scroll down to common first-level problems

oh I must have misread the faq because i thought it looked harder than that

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