Are there any pictures of Billingual News's hosts?


So I’ve been listening to Billingual News for about a year and I’m really curious how Micheal and Mami look like.
I know that they don’t post pictures of themselves to stay anonymous but I’m also really curious. can’t help it haha.
it’s a bit strange to listen to people for such a long time and I feel like I’m always part of the conversation. it’s like a connection you start to build with the people you listen to /watch for a longer period of time.
that’s why I was just wondering how they’re could look like .


If you find any photos don’t show me, I don’t want to know


haha ok that’s fine


They’re easy to find on Google Images.
“mami tofugu”
“michael tofugu”


oh I actually meant Mami and Michael from Billingual News.
Totally forgot that they have the same names :joy:


I’m sure dear rfindley was just being funny


Lol… I thought maybe Bilingual News was a blog they (from Tofugu) were doing. With the name coincidence, the thought didn’t cross my mind that it might be unrelated. :sweat_smile:


haha yeah I haven’t thought about it either :joy: