Are there any good google text books?

Hi I’m new here (plus new to learning Japanese on this level) and am wondering if there are any good books I can get on google books.

The reason I’m asking is because I plan on taking a course in university so I’m going to get a textbook at the latter half of the year (also I have a lot of google play money).


Best one I could find is this one:

I confess that I hadn’t heard about this book before, but it seems really thorough for a introduction book.

Good things:
Doesnt dumb down language and uses fancy terms like “conjunctive marker” (which can be good or bad i guess)
I’ve seen up to N3 and even N2 grammar points, so it seems really complete and more than just an introduction
It’s supposed to be a university level course of 1 year

Bad things:
Expensive (about 70 bucks)
Vocab lists and exercises on separate book (also expensive)
No pictures :joy:

I don’t really know how googlebooks works but it might be worth to check this one out. Maybe it’s your thing !

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