Are there Any Books in Japanese To Read For Someone Who Just Finished Level 4?

Hello! So, I have currently finished level 4 and am about to hit level 5, and, of course, want to continue with Wanikani. However, I do want to use what I currently know in reading, but I am unsure if there is even any book for someone who just hit level 5. I do know about a little over 100 Kanjis currently, thanks to Wanikani itself.

Which books are recommended for someone like me to improve my vocabulary and understanding, and that contain not too many Kanjis I do not know yet? What do you guys use to retain the kanjis you newly learn in your brain?

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There are the free Tadoku graded readers, but if you’re only using WaniKani then you aren’t learning the grammar necessary to tie your vocab together.


Crystal Hunters is a manga that teaches Japanese. It has free guides with a list of vocabulary and grammar that will be in each manga so read the guide first.

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I don’t know if you have an iPad or not, but I am using an app called JReader. It is full of very short stories, like one or two pages, double spaced. You can choose your JLPT level (but not WaniKani) and it will feed you stories with only that level of Kanji. Also, there is a switch to turn furigana on or off for all the Kanji. And regardless of whether or not you have the furigana on, you can tap any of the kanji words and get a popup with a dictionary description of the word.

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