Are my vocab studies messing up my SRS for the kanji?

Hi everyone,
So I study the kanji and move on to the relevant vocab after a short break. The problem is that I often study the vocab for a kanji by the time that kanji is in Guru 2 or higher. And if the vocab uses the same reading as that kanji which it often does, I am inadvertently studying the kanji before its scheduled SRS interval. Do you think that this is causing me to remember certain kanji readings in Guru 2 or higher which I otherwise would have forgotten?

Yes, this is almost certainly the case for some kanji. But it’s unavoidable based on how WaniKani implemented their system. I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

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You’ll get tripped up at Master level if you really wouldn’t have remembered without the recent vocab lesson.


That’s very true. I didn’t think of that, thank you.

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