Are Kanjis Moved Around Often?

I was reviewing old ‘burnt’ kanji and I noticed two that moved from Lesson 18 to Lesson 9. They were SHI (try) and KEN (test). Has that kind of moving around happened a lot? Not a big deal but it kind of messes with my review plans.

No, they really don’t mess around with the content on this site very often, just small fixes here and there sometimes. But they recently did a big update which changed and added a lot of the content, and moved some things between levels.


Here’s the post for the overhaul they did recently:


How? :thinking:

The SRS intervals for those items should remain unaffected.

They’re talking about the reading changes :v: I guess… :thinking:

I made a self study guide (well over 300 pages) that matches the level and kanji order that you publish. I was just wondering how extensive the kanji re-arangements are and how frequently they occur. If it is just a couple of times, no problem, but if it happens a lot then I shouldnt even try to keep my study guide in sync with a moving target. I am on level 50 now so these two kanjis are long ago burned, but I do go back and review the older levels frequently to keep them sharp. Thats how I noticed the re-arrangements.

This has nothing to do with SRS intervals.

Thanks, Batty.

Oh, interesting! Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

Yeah, it doesn’t happen that often. I can’t see it happening much more by the time you reach 60.

Only ten levels to go! 頑張って!

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