Are fast levels gone?

I’m nearing level 40 and from what I see in the community fast levels were a thing? Are they still in place and if so what levels? Thank you for the answer in advance.

They are still a thing, and there’s a github page for a calculator:

Currently, as of posting, they are:

But they do change.


O that’s awesome, thank u! I legit can’t wait to finish kani so I can finally start mining with anki lol.


This is really good to know. Thank you for sharing! :paw_prints:

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I’ve been mining since the beginning of Wani and I can honestly say without these side by side, I would’ve been hurting. I have this theory (probably not my original theory) that when I see the same piece of information in two different places, it sticks way way way way easier. Finding a word while mining that I have already learned in Wanikani makes that word stick nearly perfectly to memory. On the other hand if I mined the word and it comes up in wanikani, I can expend nearly 0 effort getting it right each time. Every leech I have is always a word that isn’t cross referenced. I feel like if I had started mining after wanikani I wouldn’t have gotten the same benefit or these aha moments that make the process a bit more bearable.


What do you mean by “mining”?

Collecting your own sentences / vocab from material you consume and input them in a SRS tool, such as Anki or JPDB creating your own bunch of reviews


Oh ok. Thanks.


Is that a response to me? I’d be honored :eyes:, anyways I read a lot of manga everyday, set goals and log those on the moe way server, I read around 4 hrs of manga per day and watch JP yt for around 30 mins or 2 hrs ish on the weekends so mining with anki or jpdb alongside of wanikani is not possible for me, I’ve tried it and it just eats into my immersion time plus I would say mining the word is prsctically useless even if a word has multiple meanings I’d rather just come across it in books manga or yt rather than srs.


Oh thanks for this video, that dude is a goat.

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Thanks! That was a really helpful video and the channel looks really useful.

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This is why I combine Wanikani with sentence decks. There are many words and kanji that I learned with Tango that made learning a huge amount of the 40s kanji much easier. On the other hand I’m using Jalup’s sentences which is reenforcing all the stuff I learned in Wanikani again.

I highly recommend the tango sentence deck in Anki. I personally started with it at level 20 but it could be started earlier.

What’s the deck called on Anki?

Tango N5 and Tango N4 (and if you like it there are N3 to N1 as well)