Are all "Reality" levels like this?

I just wanted to know, do all fast levels between 50-60 need X amount of Kanji passed out of X amount of available Kanji?

For example, for level 50, to level up, I need to pass 32 Kanji while I have 32 Kanji that are available.

That means that if I fail even one Kanji I postpone my level up by days which is annoying.

I just want to know the answer to prepare myself for it, not to complain about it.

I can’t wait to stop using SRS for Kanji :smiley:

Level 50 is not ‘reality’ yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Most of the remaining levels have like 1 radical (or none), so it’s not dependant on one kanji. You could always just use the ignore script to pass that kanji, if you really intend to go max speed for the last levels. For me 3-day levels were just not sustainable (and I didn’t really have any reason to go fast).


I think the number varies


Ah damn, you are right. I am not level 51 yet :joy:

I didn’t get what you mean here. I mean with level up thanks to the Kanji, not the radicals. Whether there are 3 or 1 it doesn’t change much with fast levels. I mean the radicals will just unlock more Kanji that aren’t needed for leveling up, no?

The thing is I tried to go so fast that I clicked on “Enter” twice in a row on one Kanji, got the wrong answer and postponed my level up by hours(if not a whole day). Maybe, I should slow down.

@Kumirei I really hope that’s how “reality” is :smiley:


I meant because none or only one kanji is locked behind the radicals, you have more leeway to fail even a few kanji and it won’t affect your level-up time.

Ah I get it now. I think I have to face reality first. Thank you!


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