Aquatic Life Appreciation Thread 🐳 🐠 🐙

Yep, that pretty much sums up their schooling behaviour. I watched it over a few times to try and follow one fish to see where it ended up in the cycle!

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There are always bigger snails out there! :fearful:

In this vid, there is Giant Horse Conch vs Tulip Snail

Also, some Hermit crabs (宿借り or やどかり) makes an appearance.

Though it’s called a giant horse conch or Florida horse conch, it’s not really a conch (巻貝 or まきがい)

The non-giant version of horse conch is 糸巻法螺 or いとまきぼら in Japanese.

Let’s have some pics also! ^>^

Giant horse conch


Banded tulip snail

Hermit crab



The size of the Giant Horse Conch is unbelievable :open_mouth:
Valiant effort from the Tulip Snail and those hermit crabs were vicious. Loved the victor who scuttled away with the spoils :joy:

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Some fishies form partnerships with other species, what is called commensalism (片利共生 or へんりきょうせい).

In a commensal relationship neither species are affected negatively by the other, but one is benefiting in some way.

In comparison, mutualism, i.e.symbiosis, (相利共生 or そうりきょうせい) is when both species are positively affected and parasitism (寄生 or きせい) is when one species is negatively impacting the other species.

A well-known commensal relationship is the one between gobies (鯊 for はぜ) and shrimp (海老 or えび).

Shrimp like to dig into the sand to create a burrow, which the goby takes advantage of to find shelter. There is no negative impact for the shrimp and it can even get some help from the goby since it has better eye sight and can warn of any threats.

Source: Pistol Shrimp & Goby Partnership | Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine

Time for some goby/shrimp pics! ^>^

Yellow watchman goby & Pistol Shrimp (鉄砲蝦 or てっぽうえび/ テッポウエビ)

Wheeler’s shrimp goby & Pistol shrimp

High-fin banded gobies & Randall’s pistol shrimp

Magnificent fan shrimp goby & Randall’s pistol shrimp

Yellow watchman goby & Pistol shrimp

High-fin clown goby & Randall’s pistol shrimp


Gobi!!! I always see them at aquariums here, especially the brown ones with blue spots

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Hello marine life enthusiasts!


  • first attempt at communicating in Japanese in the wild! In English I would say ‘I liked’, but does that carry the same feeling? Would ‘好きだった’ sound like I used to like it but now I don’t? Is the formality wrong for this context?

No. You phrased it right.

“In English I would say ‘I liked” - this implies you’ve just read it or just finished something and it was enjoyable. But in English you also say "I like this book/game/movie etc.) for more general statements on what you like.

And Japanese basically follow that pattern, since 好きだった indeed means you’ve stopped liking it. :cry:

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Thanks, :pray:

I will work up to “I’d really recommend this book about intelligence in cephalopods”


Btw, @Matskye did you actually watch one of these last night? ^>^ I did and I was super relaxed. :relaxed: I totally forgot how fabulous this guy, Nick Hope, is at underwater photography. Beautiful images and great commentary that almost puts David Attenborough to shame. :wink:

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Just finished watching the second one - thought I’d check out 10 mins or so, but it was so beautiful, narration was so ?soothing? I ended up drifting off every now and then :eyes:
(I had a cat cuddled up to me as well so that didn’t help matters :kissing_cat: Thankyou very much for sharing again!!

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Yeah, Nick Hope has this really calm and soothing voice. And with those stunning images and well-researched commentary, it just draws you in. :relaxed:

Glad you found it as relaxing as I do. I’m now watching the Mucky Secrets that you also watched. I just find this stuff super interesting. :star_struck:

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Time for another post about stunning and gorgeous sea slugs! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: (I just can’t get enough of them! :blue_heart: :orange_heart: :purple_heart: :green_heart: :heart:

The expansion of sea slugs into previously uninhabited areas are used as indicators for how Climate change is affecting the seas, see previous post by @Rowena Aquatic Life Appreciation Thread 🐳 🐠 🐙 - #188 by Rowena

They’re also fascinating creatures, such as the…

Elysia chlorotica or Eastern Emerald Elysia エリシア・クロロティカ

This sea slug superficially resembles a nudibranch, yet it does not belong to that clade of gastropods. Instead it is a member of the clade Sacoglossa, the sap-sucking sea slugs. Some members of this group use chloroplasts from the algae they eat for photosynthesis, a phenomenon known as kleptoplasty. Elysia chlorotica is one of these “solar-powered sea slugs”. Source: Wikipedia

Now for some nudibranch spam! :wink: <3<3<3 (I wished I could find more names in Japanese, but it’s hard to just look up all the English names. :sweat_smile: )

Butterfly Cyerce

Placida Cremoniana
Placida cremoniana

Elysia Crispata or Lettuce Seaslug

another one, with a different coloration.

Flabellina affinis

Nembrothakubaryana nudibranch

Janolus nudibranch


Harry the hairy ghost pipefish the ‘Holy Grail’ for amateur photographer


Oh, I didn’t know this type of ghost pipefish existed! Very hairy indeed! Noice post! :durtle_noice:


Some sea creatures are as beautiful as they are deadly to the touch! :fearful: This post is gonna be about some of them. These are all no-touch!

Crown-of-thorns starfish 鬼海星 or おにひとで


Portuguese man o’ war 鰹の烏帽子 or かつおのえぼし


Cone snail


Blue-ringed octopus 豹紋蛸 or ひょうもんだこ


Fire urchin



Inspired by @eoame bringing up Moreton bay bugs, I thought I’d go see what other types of lobster there is. :eyes: (spoiler alert: what they all have in common is that they’re very yum! :yum: )

Flathead lobster/Slipper lobster/Fan lobster/Moreton bay bugs 団扇海老 or うちわえび

Ornate Spiny Lobster 伊勢海老 or いせえび

Blunt slipper lobster 蝉海老 or せみえび

Japanese spear lobster 箱海老 or はこえび

Langoustine/Norwegian lobster ランゴスティーヌ

Blue crayfish

*Common lobster/European lobster/Homarus gammarus *“blue lobster”

Atlantic lobster/American lobster/Canadian lobster/Homarus americanus


I found a neat Youtube video about Cetaceans (鯨類 げいるい )! ^>^ :whale: :dolphin:


:vulcan_salute: :octopus:


I just came here to post the same thing!

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Have you watched Penguin Highway? It was very goofy and fun.