April 24 2020 Content Updates

Here’s the list of this week’s updates!


流行語 - added “popular word” and “buzzword” to meanings and updated meaning explanation

自動車 - added “car” to meanings

丈夫 - added “strong” to whitelist

頑丈 - added “strong” to whitelist

不合格 - added “rejection” to meanings, moved “fail an exam” to whitelist, and added “failing,” “failing a test,” “failing an exam,” “failure in a test,” and “failure in an exam” to whitelist

主観 - added “objectivity” to blacklist

外国 - added “other countries” and “overseas” to meanings, updated meaning explanation, and added “another country” and “abroad” to whitelist

絞める - fixed wrappers in meaning and reading explanations

絞る - updated meaning and reading explanations

縦横 - updated reading explanation

合図 - changes main meaning to “signal” and updated meaning explanation

行く - updated a context sentence

事情 - updated a context sentence

高血圧 - added new context sentences

残す - added “to stay behind” to blacklist

輸送 - added “transmit” to blacklist

分 - updated reading explanation to cover the ぷん rendaku reading


Thanks for the updates, @camfugu.

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