Apple Watch game called "The Kanji Roguelike"


I got a lot of promotion codes (from a friend that wants feedback) for getting the Apple Watch exclusive game called Jahap: The Kanji Roguelike.

This is how it looks:

Is there any of you people that would like to try it out for free then write a message here. All I ask is that you pinky swear to give feedback, either in this forum or on the feedback form on the Jahap website.


Is this app developed by you or someone you know? If it is, then you should mention it.


Done! Thanks

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Hmmm, I am just starting my kanji learning path, so I might not have enough knowledge to give any valid feedback.

I am always up for trying new learning methods…

Good enough for me.

Here is a promo code: 4WRAE97KXJ64

Here you go:

There is a guide for how to redeem the codes here: How to Redeem an iOS App Store Promo Code on your iPhone

My little brother has an apple watch
I will tell him about this app

Hey, thanks for the code! Here is a bit of feedback after I tried it. Keep in mind, I am just starting kanji and Japanese in general, so I am at a very low level. Having said that, first levels of the maze are right on point for my level, so I manage to answer correctly. My problem would be that I am not only interested on the meaning of the kanji but I am also interested on how to pronounce those kanji. I am aware that for every query in English there is the hiragana on top, but at my low level my eyes just see the English question and as the answer is timed I answer as fast as I can, meaning I do not take the time to check the hiragana. Now, I would suggest that after every right answer there was the option to flash on screen the hiragana + kanji to help associate both concepts and that while this info is on screen the general countdown is paused / slowed.

It’s a fun little game though, perfect for a short burst while waiting for the coffee to brew!

Thanks @monrater , that sounds like a good idea! Would you prefer romanji? Was it obvious that you could use the digital crown to select items to use and how do you feel about the items that exists currently? Any that was your favorite?

Sure! As long as he gives feedback! Code is: A4FM4FMM4WKX

Have you had time to try it out?

Hey @danielkite, kana is great as it forces to practice that, I am not a fan of romaji to learn how to read. As for the digital crown i discovered by mistake actually. Items are cool, I like that there is a tradeoff in most of them (go up a level BUT… or double time BUT…).

Aha ok! What was the worst thing about the game (except not having time to learn)? How did you like the design? Was it fun? Which level did you get too?

I did, but for some reason, it is not working for me. I used the code and it says that the app is “purchased” in the app store. But it is not appearing in my Watch app on iPhone and it is not appearing on my Watch. I am sure this is an issue with Apple, not the app itself. I will continue to try to figure out what is wrong.

Looks interesting but because of my Apple watch, I got in a car crash last week. So now, I only use it to count my swimming pool laps.

Hey, happened to me too and found a solution. Once you redeem the code in the App Store in the phone you need to open the App Store app in the watch, search for “Jahap” and it will let you download it directly in the watch. I was baffled too as to why it did not download directly once the code is exchanged.

Ah, as for the level I reached level 8, but at some point I was just pressing kanji combinations without thought, so I overreached my actual level lol. As I said the game is fun for short bursts, a convenient way to kill time while waiting for other stuff. In the long term it might become a bit repetitive because after restarting several times I see that each level has always the same questions / kanji combinations, which is good for memorization but once you’ve restarted enough times (and you are on a higher level than mine) it might become too repetitive on those early levels.

I’d love to give this a go!