Apple Music’s Real Time Lyrics

I just found out about Apple’s update to Apple Music. Apparently, they’ve added real time lyrics you can follow along with. I thought it might be a good study resource for either listening or reading because you can get Japanese songs on Apple Music. Thoughts anyone?


I think Spotify also has had this for a while. Didn’t think of using it like this though! Nice idea :open_mouth:

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If you have a Japanese Spotify account, you get much more access to Japanese music and they definitely have something like this on desktop!


Does anyone know if google music has something similar? Or is it a lost cause :pensive:

As for Apple Music, if you want to listen to them offline sometimes, then you could try to find tools like DRmare Best Audio Converter Mac, online or offline music converter, etc. to help you.

Good news, Google Music is shutting down, so you can switch :wink:.

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