App - Thematic vocab (with mnemonics?) for beginners

Hi everyone! I guess I know what I’m looking for in terms of learning vocab

Is there an app or anything else with vocab cards organised thematically and with mnemonics for them OR an option to add notes, so that I could have my own mnemonics there

I am ok with inventing my own associations, but I am too lazy to properly orginise the cards, so now I wouldn’t go for creating my own decks from scratch.

Any ideas what I could do/use?

You could try

The articles are pretty interesting and you get quite a few on the free tier.

They allow you to add any of the words from the article as a card and during the review they’ll show the sentence the word was from.

Thank you for reminding me about this tool. I’ve tried it five years ago when I had my first attempt in learning the language. I might even get premium access but later - for now it looks too overwhelming for me.

So far I’ve found Torii app for mobile. The closest to what I’d ideally want to have. It has SRS and is greatly inspired on wanikani.

However, no thematic vocab groups and, frankly speaking, I don’t undertand why exactly those vocan items constitute the lessons there - the items levels seem to be various - which causes difficulties for me as a beginner.

Anyway, it’s a good app and I guess I’ll probably use it a bit later when I know more

— UPD I’ve found a mode in Torii which allows to have lessons based on wanikani levels, so it must be easier for me now. We’ll see

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Wanikani lets you add notes on the items pages. There are several ways to do this.

1- During lessons if you are unsatisfied with the default mnemonics you go to the ‘add note’ section and add your note there.
2- During review if you expand the info you may consult your note. Or you can add or change it.
3- When you are doing neither lessons or review may may still access the items page and add or modify your notes from there. There are several ways to access item pages, by clicking on the radicals or kanji buttons, by clicking on items in tables on the dashboard or by digging through the radicals/kanji/vocabulary buttons on the top bar.