App Request: Vocabulary Frequency Indicator

I use a nifty little dictionary on my phone called "imi ", which I am sure a lot of you are familiar with.

Anyhow, when you search a word it might give you a few examples of said word, but color-coordinates them by how frequently they are used (or as the app says, “sorted by commonness”.  Here is the link you can see what I mean:

There are some weird kanji examples on this site that some natives don’t even know or hardly ever use.  不文律 comes to mind, my wife had no idea what that was and as we all know, there are others.  

I am sure those examples are few and far between but I thought it would be cool to have an app that indicates the usefulness or frequency of the vocab words.

That’s a very good idea!

plantron said... That's a very good idea!
We just need someone with programming knowledge to make it happen.