API version 2 moving out of beta. Sunsetting API version 1

Okay, I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I don’t know where else.

So, today I headed over to WaniKani to do my reviews and found out that all of my downloaded scripts stopped working. I know it’s not because of the update with the illustrated lesson and review buttons (I was able to get scripts to work after that update). Is it because of this API update? That wouldn’t make sense, though, because that’s only supposed to happen in September, right?

Is it because of the Minor Menu Updates? Because if that’s the update messing with my in-review scripts, it’s not really minor. I don’t think it’s that one, though, because that update happened on April 6th. Yesterday, all my scripts worked fine for me, so I’m confused what’s going on.

If something changed with the API, I understand that it will take some time for people maintaining the scripts to get everything fixed, but I just don’t see what would be causing anything to be different.

And it may sound drastic, but if I can’t use WaniKani Ultimate Timeline or auto-commit; the end of the enter key, I shall go insane. There’s other scripts I like to use to achieve the perfect WaniKani experience, but those two are the most important to me.