API v2: export leeches and kanji on the command line


I wanted to use Anki with a specific card layout, which was not able with the wanikani2anki.com exporter. So I wrote a very basic exporter on the CLI. The cards look like:

My code along with instructions can be found here:

It’s written in PHP and runs on the command line. I know this is not accessible to a few people, but if there is an interest in this tool I provide support and at some point maybe a web interface. As long as there is no interest I just work for it on myself.

Here is how it looks on the CLI - not spectacular.

I use a formular for the leeches based on @StellaTerra.
You can find the formula here:

If you are having fun with that, you are welcome to send in an PRs. At the moment it’s really basic and the coding style is to be described as “so fast my wife doesn’t recognize I am not working”.

In any case, it was fun playing with the API v2, so thanks to the WK team for providing such a thing.