API V2 Beta Documentation


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Very nice…
I’ll have to go through and update my interactive docs


How do you plan on utilizing both at the same time on the website? Will it be a setting or can we play either whenever we want?


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There will be a setting to choose what you want for auto play.

In the detail views there be a list of all the audio options. We are grouping audio by “voice actor”. So you’ll see a list of pronunciation audio for the vocabulary with the “voice actor”'s name besides the audio.


Going through the docs, it’t interesting that you default to the first reversion of the API. Most default to the latest, and leave it to the user to elect to use older versions.

It also seems that there’s a broken link in the revisions section too.


That’s an awesome update! Thanks so much for all the hard work!


We may reevaluate that one. I think the argument to leave default as first revision is to guarantee the default doesn’t break for the consumer. But yes, I’ve seen other APIs where they default to latest.


It’d be cool if one of the settings was “random”. That’s how Memrise handles terms with multiple recordings.


I’ve just noticed an issue in the docs: the “Get a Specific Study Material” section is labeled “Get a Specific Review”


I’m still hoping for the “play all audio versions simultaneously” option.


Sounds like fun!

Any chance we’ll get official pitch accent data/diagrams for all the vocab? I know that’s not a core part of WaniKani, but it would go nicely with the audio I think.


Took me 5 hours, but I finally updated my interactive docs to conform (mostly, I decided to omit the deprecated fields in the user response) to the new docs that were published. Available here.


API update mentioned last week is live.

A small handful of vocab is missing audio. We are dealing with a transcoding issue, but hopefully will have them uploaded by tomorrow.


For anyone using the Open Framework…

WKOF itself will handle this change automatically since it just saves the raw API records.
But if your script accesses the /user fields that viet mentioned, you’ll need to access them from their new location:

Before: wkof.user.max_level_granted_by_subscription
After : wkof.user.subscription.max_level_granted

Before: wkof.user.subscribed
After : wkof.user.subscription.active


For those old user fields, we’ll give it a month or so before we take those down, just to make sure that people have the time to tweak scripts and put apps through review processes.

Let’s say … February 28, just to make it easy for everyone to remember. :slight_smile:


@cplaverty Do you use those data points in AlliCrab?


I think both “random” and “both/one after the other” would be neat options to have. (So not quite simultaneously, but almost. :p)


In the documentation https://docs.api.wanikani.com/20170710/#revisions-aka-versioning:
" See the list of revisions and changelogs for more details."
The link is not working.
What is the URL for the list of revisions and changelogs please?


Ha! We do need to fix that link.

But! API v2 is still in beta, so we don’t have any official revisions yet. When v2 is launched, we’ll start keeping track of backwards-incompatible changes and outline them in that page.

For everyone’s reference, we’ll handle changes like Stripe does: https://stripe.com/docs/upgrades.


Should this topic say “beta” now instead of “alpha”? :grin: