API only half working

Hey guys,

I’m familiar with using the API and that it has a 100 query/hour limit. However half of my apps stopped working. They simply refuse to update! Here is a list and their status:

TokeiTokei Pebble Watchface  :  works
Geektool - doesn’t work  :  fields are blank
WaniKani Notifier Chrome Extensiondoesn’t work   :  stuck on “118” for days
WK wallpaper JS Generator - works (seemingly)
WK screensaver works (seemingly)
It’s odd that things are selectively working. The API key hasn’t been changed. The limit isn’t hit because I can query it now as well as update the things that do seem to work. What is going on?

If you can query the API yourself and it works, then it’s not the API that is “half working” it’s the apps.

It is simply weird that a bunch of apps (I guess only 2 that I know of, the other 2 are seemingly working) to just give up when others continue to work. The code on the apps haven’t changed or updated. So I wonder why?

Curious. All is well for my apps so far. I hit pretty well every API call so I would probably notice if they changed something in the API… no more API-related issues than normal for me(the occasional 503 but thats par for the course). Let me know if you get some insight on it

I’d guess a Chrome update or local storage issue.  You could try clearing cache and local storage.
I don’t know anything about those two particular scripts, so no idea what else to suggest.

Resurrection time!

I found the problem: cURL is not working on my mac! I followed the script in the GeekTool and launched each command one at a time. After playing around, I cant even get cURL to output under normal circumstances at all. No errors, simply no output. Normal output mode shows the download queue but it is always zero-ed out. Ideas?

I had to uninstall the Notifier and install Notifier Redux. Someone had updated it I guess and that one works fine. 

compile new curl and symlink to /usr/local/bin or something? not on os x but that’s what I would try