API: Level 6 "lesson_position" is 0 for all subjects

All subject elements in Level 6 have a lesson_position of 0.


Are you using scripts? Have you tried turning them off or using script compatibility mode?

That’s not entirely true – εˆ‡γ‚Œγ‚‹ has lesson position 69, θ‘Œγ† has lesson position 105, ε››εδΊŒ has lesson position 148, εΊƒγŒγ‚‹ has lesson position 178, η”Ÿγˆγ‚‹ has lesson position 186, and 点ける has lesson position 172. But the other 186 subjects in level 6 are indeed at lesson position 0. Moreover, all levels except for 1, 3, 10, 13, 15, 40, and 46 seem to contain at least one pair of subjects with equal lesson position. I don’t think this is intentional? The description in the API[1] is a bit ambiguous, but I would also have expected the lesson_position to be unique per level.

  1. lesson_position: The position that the subject appears in lessons. Note that the value is scoped to the level of the subject, so there are duplicate values across levels. β†©οΈŽ


@mods should have a look at this


@Sinyaven I apologize for the inaccuracy, but you are right there are 6 that have proper lesson_order values, at least to my understanding of the API.

@Tenugui I am using Postman to access the API, as I am writing a desktop client for wanikani. (For fun and learning, don’t expect it to be released)


Hey Kumirei! Thanks for the ping! I have passed this along to engineering to take a look at this! :+1:


Yep, I see now that I misunderstood the context.

I wrote a script that queries the API and produces a json of duplicate lessons_position.


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@mods any news about them?

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Hey there! It looks like engineering has taken a look at this issue, but it looks like it might be something that will be looked at more closely down the road! Thank you for your patience! If we have any updates, we will let you know. :slightly_smiling_face:

-Nick at WK

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