API Changed? Locked Kanji not included in /kanji endpoint?

Just want to confirm if this is the case? Has the API been changed to no longer include locked kanji in the /kanji endpoint? Or specifically, /kanji/{level}

Curious, as I’ve been working on an Android app that uses the WaniKani API. The link to changelogs found at WaniKani API Reference points to a post that seems fairly out of date.


It should return everything. We’ll look into it and get it sorted out.

API should return locked items now. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Thanks Viet.

I’ve unlocked the remaining kanji for the current level, so I can’t test my current level, but checking the next level up I still see odd results. Level 29 has 108 vocab, but I get 97, and it has 33 kanji, but I only get 10. I guess I should still get all items even for levels I haven’t reached yet?

Agreed… I get 10 kanji back for level 60.

Can you try again?

Looks good to me.

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Just tested /kanji/29 and got all kanji.

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