Anything super useful to know when beginning?

You can also have a look at the wiki post in the Pleasant forum

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I can’t link that anymore. I wonder how they’re doing.

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I am maybe a upper beginner–not quite an intermediate yet. You might find that until you feel comfortable with HIragana and Katakana that kanji is a bit much. In any case I would suggest that you “do” something in/with Japanese everyday. I began to improve once I became consistent with my studies. I like a website called you will find lessons and flash cards matching games–there. you can make up your own study sets. It has really helped me with vocabulary. Also to help with listening. Tofugu has a bunch of resources and wonderful advice that are great for us beginners. Take you time and find out what works for you.

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Thank you guys this makes it easier to find things :3

Everyone learns differently, but for me:

Kanji: Wanikani
Grammar: Genki I & 2/Tae Kim/ Google/youtube
Vocab: Memrise + Wanikani
Speech: Hellotalk + Skype (with japanese friends found on hellotalk)
Reading: Satori reader
Entertainment: Anime + Manga ( is a good site to use if you are into Anime)

Also, try to get into the habit of thinking as much in possible in Japanese. Its a hassle but it helps!


Entertainment: Japanese songs – listen a lot.

No passive listening?

hmmm I occasionally listen to podcasts when I go for a run or am driving long distances, but that’s few and far between.

I spend several hours a week talking to different Japanese friends, so I find that enough to help out with my listening (and speaking at the same time). The trickiest part is trying not to revert to English, which happens ALL the time -___-.

That is good advice. I am pretty much doing the same things or planning on doing the same things. I haven’t done much of the speech practice yet but I will check out Hellotalk. I think it is absolutely critical to learning a new language well to practice actually speaking it with other native speakers. This is what really helped me learn Spanish much faster.

Hi, I 'm new to learning japanese. Some friends have advised to start reading children stories to imprpve my pronunciation and vocabulary. Does anyone know a good website I could use???

Japanese Graded Readers have furigana for every Kanji, so no worry about WaniKani level. Vocab is more important.

There are Level 0-4 depending on the density of words per page.

For Children’s Book, there is PIBO app.

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