Anyone who use Wanikani on a PC

PC, because as above… MUCH faster typing and LESS stupid typing mistakes (although I still make a lot of typing mistakes :triumph: sigh)

And when I’m on the train: ios browser. And… I make a lot of typing errors then…

I mostly use my phone with my keyboard cover addon, which makes reviews go much faster than with a software touch keyboard. Doing them on the PC takes about half as much time, but I’m rarely able to spend that much time sitting in front of my computer these days, and when I am, I’d rather be playing a game. It is more efficient for me to just do my reviews on my phone while I’m at work.

I use PC/Chromebook mainly but occasionally my phone/tablet. Walking to work using the phone is fraught with danger (mistypes, hitting enter instead of delete etc) but does speed things along.

I use my android phone. Not the app, but through the browser.

I use the PC for the userscrips, most importantly is the reorder script for lessons, so I can split my lessons by days and not slow down the level up process.

Of course I can’t carry my laptop everywhere so I use my phone for reviews.

I get the faster part (and I also prefer PC for that reason), but I have found I make fewer typos on a tablet. Or at least fewer typos I don’t notice until its too late. In a way, PC is too fast because I can type faster than I can think.

and my fingers move faster than my brain can correct them :joy: I think at least 10-20% of my errors are because of typing mistakes :confused:

All those times I wanted to type ki instead of ko …

I’m not fussed about making it professional. People are gonna look over my shoulder regardless haha

There’s a script for everything lol

You really need to get a 144hz monitor. WaniKani looks AMAZING!

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Yea, I usually use PC at home + work. That way I can make use of timeline scripts to help plan my routine, full sized keyboard+screen, not worry about remaining battery life, etc. Many advantages, I think. Although the unofficial android app is excellent too, I do use that when travelling or out and about.

Incidentally, one thing I found this weekend with the app is that the autocomplete suggestions were giving me hints as to the vocab meaning during my reviews, presumably based on my previous answers. I need to find a way to turn that off, 'cos it definitely helped (in a cheaty way).

I use the NSFW script, and I’m real 50/50 on whether or not I like it. On one hand, the script is nice because it removes the bright colors. (I’m in a call center, so the less attention I bring to myself, the better). On the other hand, it doesn’t seem to work right 100% of the time. Sometimes the font is the same size as regular WK - and that alone brings a lot of attention since there’s nothing in our programs that uses gigantic kanji. So even without color, it stands out. But it jumps between really small script, and gigantic script. I wish there was a way to keep it one size all the time. The only other issue, is that the colors help me normally (at home) to quickly identify whether or not it’s vocab or kanji. So I tend to goof up quite a bit more at work since I don’t notice fast enough which one I’m supposed to be answering for… ლ(ಠ_ಠ ლ)

There’s a setting in the app to turn off suggestions.

Ah great - thanks! I thought I’d have to go digging around in the keyboard/IME settings to fix it. Now I just have to wait for some reviews to try it out… :zzz:

I’ve come to think of it as practice. The more you type, the more you can:

  • know instinctively that you’ve made a typo
  • know at a quick glance if it’s correct
  • know how many characters to backspace without thinking about it
  • correct typos without thinking about it

You can probably do this in your native language but it takes effort to gain the same ability in Japanese.

I overclocked my CPU just so I can get to level 60 in record time.

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Fantastic! Don’t forget to overclock your gpu as well.

While we’re at it we might as well cool your RAM with some LN2. Seems like the obvious next step.

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I use the crabigator’s juices for cooler liquid.

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Not bad, not bad. I hear that stuff is top-notch.

Do you have the mandatory 37 fan setup, constantly running at %100 fan speed?

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Nah man, real pros use only 42+ fan setups.

P.S. I actually have to install the “real number” userscript to know how many fans are cooling my processors.


Did you raid 10 your floppy drives for maximum speed?

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