Anyone want to join a study session chat on LINE?

Hello everyone!

My LINE ID: maoshoto

I wanted to make a study session group chat on LINE for Digital Art books (Yes they must be in Japanese)
It can be 2D or 3D art, Beginner to Advanced art, Hiragana to Kanji, basically any level or media.

You must be comfortable will voice calls especially with a group of people.
Pin your notes so people can learn from them!

Here’s a few of my clip studio paint learning books which contain Kanji. I’m still learning Hiragana and possibly others I invite too will still be learning basic Japanese as well. I’d appreciate it if Kanji level learners could help those people and even me out by putting it in Hiragana and Romaji. It’s not necessary to do but definitely helpful.

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Sorry if this is kind sound odd but i don’t know what digital art books is

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Sorry for my late reply when I say “digital art books” I’m referring to books for learning digital/computer graphics illustration. Did this help?

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Ah i see. Yes i understood what you mean