Anyone tried the Benkyō App long term?

Hi, so I’ve seen many apps and ways that are discussed to study vocab. I especially struggle to find a way that is fitting for my needs, as I mainly want to learn passive vocab to be able to understand most things.

On my way of searching for ways to study I found the Benkyō App, not the Benkyou one! The app is great overall and I learned Kana with the dev’s Kana app too. But I don’t know if the app is worth another price commitment each month.

Has anyone tried the app longterm? How is their SRS?
And my biggest question at the moment: how do you start learning vocab in the app? SRS Flex straight up, custom Quiz or do you learn the vocab first at the browse tab?

Hope anyone has some experience with the app that one would share with us.

Sounds like you wanna do immersion learning - through SRS. I can’t give you much advice on that specifically, but all “passive” (which is always really active) listening, watching etc. should be part of your study diet. How much of it is just this, and how much is more structured approaches is all up to you.

But, I do see a point in going slowing with WK, as a means for acquiring kanji to make it possible to do immersion learning while reading (if that IS a goal you have), meanwhile your main focus is still on immersing in audio media, like watching tv-shows, movies, listen to podcasts, the lost. You’ll learn tons of vocab that way once you get over the initial hurdle of learning how to listen, so to say.

Well, just some thoughts, since as far as I know, most vocab decks are just focused/structured learning. Not something you passively do. :thinking:

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Well, overall this is indeed my goal and approach. I wanna be able to immerse myself into japanese media at some point. I already started with listening and watching. Reading still needs more vocab imo.

For the app: it is structured learning and I want to really learn, just consuming won‘t get me far. But I need a good way to learn initially. WK does it perfectly with an all things to know tab where you go through on your own pace. Then comes the quiz to check if you got it. After it‘ll be part of the SRS.

Benkyo however straight up pushes you into quizzes where you are like „yeah how am I supposed to know that?“ You press don‘t know and then get all informations. Thats not the most motivating concept for me.

For anki: I can‘t get into it. I need some visual pleasing aspect to have more fun while learning (sounds stupid but can‘t change myself).

I‘ve now tried iKnow Japanese and so far it seems fine but it is soo expensive…

Maybe someone got other options, for ios if possible. Would gladly try everything I get!

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