Anyone tried Kanken?

判定 : 合格おめでとうございます。
I’m looking forward to getting the details.
Next up is Level 2. Hopefully, it doesn’t take me two years.

If anyone has any advice for Level 2, that would be great.
I noticed that in my new textbook, it includes a lot of Pre-2 exercises.

Recently, it seems that more place names have started to be included in Kanken exams, going beyond the kanji ordinarily included in each level of exam.
Does anyone know which place names are included in each level of Kanken?
I’ve tried to search online with no luck. TIA!

The kanji used in prefecture names were reordered a few years ago so they’re all taught in elementary school. Is that what you’re referring to? I’ve never actually seen a place name appear on a Kanken exam, but they did restructure it when the joyo / kyoiku kanji contents changed.


I saw 東京 on an exercise app (it was to test 京, as the second kanji of 東○ , and it had to be a nabebuta one (亠).
Quite easy (but it was for a 九級 training too).

I don’t recall however seeing any other proper name (other than 日本, which appear a lot) in any of the 10, 9, 8級 exercises I did with 漢検スタート app.

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Yeah, I’ve seen place names in unofficial apps and things, but never on an actual test. Yet, anyway.

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Yep, that’s it.
I was caught off guard by a place name in Kyushu on the Kanken 7 exam a bit ago.
One of the kanji in that place name isn’t in any of the standard lists of kanji included on Kanken 7 that I’ve seen.
Since then, I’ve been trying to find out which place names might possibly appear in each level of Kanken, with no success.

Unofficial sites are probably behind the times. Any official drill books or resources from the last couple years should be up-to-date.