Anyone taken a temporary pause on kanji?

I don’t know if you’ll take any formal Japanese classes on your path to attaining N4 level proficiency, but I have learned/encountered kanji through みんなの日本語 and Genki in my elementary Japanese classes that I did not encounter until later levels of WK. You will learn Kanji if you take a formal class or self-study using either of the above textbooks as they are included in the lessons. ((I started taking formal lessons when I was at level 13 if that helps at all.))

I am at the same level I was when I began my four-month break (Mid August-End of Dec), but I learned kanji in my Japanese class (in addition to a bunch of vocab, grammar, and greetings) so I didn’t take a break from kanji. I just took a break from WK (I still kept up with other SRS programs).

I knew that I was going to take formal classes to supplement WK when I started in Sept 2019, and after I began reading around the forums I realized sometime after level 10 would be a good time to begin classes. So I think it’s important to consider what role WK will play in your path to Japanese proficiency. :slight_smile: Good luck.

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