Anyone seen this comic / manga company from Amazon?

I just found this and it looks interesting. Looks like it will load onto a Kindle device,too.


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Did you leave out a link or other information? :sweat_smile:


You just have to guess which company I’m talking about :wink:

(I put the link above)


They’ve been around for ages. Amazon bought them a few years back. Read some free stuff on there before, never purchased anything though. Physical all the way.

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Oh ok. Yeah Comixology is nice. It’s much better than having to deal with dozens of vendor-specific apps and storefronts.

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Yeah, I’d prefer physical for Japanese study. I take better notes that way.

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I like physical, too, but sometimes reading an ebook version of a manga can be so much more convenient. Especially when you can add annotations, etc, on it while reading.