Anyone interested in playing ガレリアの地下迷宮と魔女ノ旅団 / Labyrinth of Galleria (Game club)?

Hi everyone,

As the title states, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in playing ガレリアの地下迷宮と魔女ノ旅団 / Labyrinth of Galleria on PS4 / PS Vita. I love the idea of a bookclub-esque game club where we could talk about the game and ask questions. Would anyone else be interested in this? With Twitch and Discord we could even have group read-aloud sessions perhaps (if streaming the game isn’t blocked). Concerning pacing I am pretty open. I generally can beat a 40 hour rpg in a week/ a few weeks but that is in English, so I am happy going at a pace of a chapter every few weeks if everyone wants. Totally negotiable.

Why this game:

I love jrpgs and especially drpgs. I was so happy when they announced localization for Yomi wo Saku Hana, but localization still hasn’t been announced for this game yet. I thought Labyrinth of Refrain was amazing and would love to gush about this game with someone else if anyone is interested.

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Anyone interested in playing the game?
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Thank you!

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