Anyone here writing N4 exam this july?

I am writing N4 exam this july. Is anyone else writing too? If so, how are the preparations going on? . DO you think you can pass the exam? There aren’t much reading practice available as it is the most important section & the most time consuming one. Any one knows where one i can find good reading comprehenison for N4? Your valuable comments will be appreciated.

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There’s a thread about the JLPT here, if you want to find your peers

For reading resources I can recommend the Shinkanzen Master series, which has a 読解 (reading comprehension) book for each JLPT level.

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You can find a bunch of practice stuff for N4 online, honestly dont even stress about it. N4 is a breeze~~~

I have gone through the Japanese test for you website and practiced all N4 stuff. But other than that , i couldn’t find anything esp for reading , since that is the most important. And the reading section in Japanese test for does not give sufficient practice.

Ah I think if you’ve been through all the exams and your finding it relatively doable you should be ready for the reading section, there not gonna throw anything crazy at you. It’ll be stuff you know, no stress dude

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