Anyone here able to play games like Diablo 3 or Nioh 2 without any language issues?

I personally feel like most games, that are not specifically targeted towards children, are some of the toughest challenges when learning Japanese. I am on my second year reading Japanese, and even after spending 1~2 hours a day in novels and 30~45 minutes a day in manga, I am still struggling a lot in video games. Visual Novels or normal JRPG are of no issues. I recently finished the whole of Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster and Persona series. I did encountered several unknown words/phrases, but due to the nature of the game, it didn’t pose any major issues.

Now on games like Destiny 2 or Diablo 3, there are tons and tons of katakana words (as the original script is in English) and being looter games, there are millions of items with exotic names. In English, I have no issues whatsoever, regardless how adventive the names of the items are. But, when playing in Japanese, even in games like Nioh 2 with Japanese being the original language, I am utterly flabbergasted at how inept I am in Japanese. Even on descriptions or names where I know all the words, I feel like it takes ages for the meaning to register in my brain, and these type of games require instantaneous recognition.

Are there anyone here who can play looter games like these with a gazillion made up words in Japanese, without much issues? If so, then how long have you been learning Japanese in order to reach this level? Also, I have spent lots of hours watching Japanese natives play these games, reading out strange names/description instantly. So ,I would really appreciate if the whole “even Japanese can’t read that fast” comments are avoided. It’s utterly baseless and nothing short of insipid self-justification.


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