Anyone having any luck with Tandem?

I’ve signed up with Tandem to start chatting with native Japanese speakers but I haven’t been having any luck. (Admittedly, it’s still early and I think I’m being a bit impatient.)

Any other resources out there for practicing (text or voice chatting)?

Tandem is scary to me. D: Idk why, probably 'cause I never actually used it.

I like HelloTalk for the moments feature and option to message people if you want.

There is also HiNative [1], which was review by Tofugu [2].

  2. HiNative: The Tofugu Review

I used Tandem for a bit but it seems to be a little glitchy and underpopulated compared to HelloTalk, at least for my target languages! I really like the Moments feature and some of the other built-in goodies on HelloTalk, too, so I’ve been sticking with that.
I haven’t tried HiNative yet, but I believe it’s made by the same people as lang-8, which I really like. =]

I love HiNative - they’ve also added a points system now where people get more points for answering your question more quickly.

Since moving back home my conversational Japanese has really suffered so I was trying to find somewhere I could find a language partner but no luck yet…

Yep guys. Just not being patient. I did sign up with HiNative and HelloTalk too though.

I had a 20 minute video conversation with an interesting, older gentleman from Kyoto last night. We spoke mostly English but he asked me about my studying and how it was going, so hopefully we’ll keep chatting.