Anyone have apps (android) that can help me memorize radicals?

I obviously know that this site helps with radicals, but I want to have that extra practice. Please help me.

WK radical names are not always the standard names. So if you study the radical names with an external app, they won’t always match with the WK names.

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do you have any suggestions? :thinking:

The self-study quiz extension maybe?

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well how can i get the extension? :eyes:

I’m on mobile so not sure the link works!! Nvm it works yay

OH and if you use the android app ‘flaming durtles’ you can also do self-study. Not sure how it works here but worth looking at

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Another option I would suggest is AnkiDroid. Anki is the most complete SRS flashcard software I’ve ever used. It’s a little more involved to get started with, but there are a couple of premade WaniKani decks that you can start with, and the ability to customize every flashcard and every aspect of the review cycle is really unparalleled.

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Kanji Study app also has a radical learning list, but those are not the same as WK.

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