Anyone have any PG13-rated mnemonics

Dunno if this should be in a spoiler though i’m not even sure how to do that…if you are under 18 look away now

So the “spoon” radical looks kind of like someone in bed spooning someone else to me.

As for 北 well thats simple…I wouldn’t mind the king of the north spooning me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: and the other radical looks like fingers so you might be able to gather where I’m going there :joy::see_no_evil:

Anyone else want to share any of their own slightly dubious mnemonics?


From the pinned Welcome to the Wanikani Community post:

  1. Don’t say some of the bad words: Keep it PG-13 . There are kids here. And parents too! Not to mention the elderly, to whom we must show filial piety. It is, despite what you might think, possible to communicate just as effectively without taking a stroll down F-Bomb Lane. Don’t even think about turning down C or B (butt?) Street.

Oh…I’m not sure what is suitable for PG13 as a Brit our nearest is a 12 but those have swear words and some sexual content at times…

I am a parent myself but you are right maybe we should just delete the thread. Don’t want to upset anyone.

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If one of their mnemonics can imply gay cruising on steam rooms, surely this thread is acceptable.

It’s not like it’s a thread about porn… if they are so scared about sex we can say peen or something :roll_eyes:


Not really X-related per se, but I consistently use “Hitler” instead of “eagle” on i readings. It works surprisingly well with the connotations of many of the associated kanji, which is great because “eagle” is one of their weakest mnemonics imo.


Well, it doesn’t work for people who actually sound the h in “Hitler”. They would get ひ instead of い.


The title of the thread reads X-rated, which is quite different from PG-13 / 12A. Editing the title might help to keep things from straying into unsafe territory.


I don’t have x-rated mnemonics only mnemonics for x-rated


Yeah true, but it doesn’t really matter in terms of mnemonics - the point is it just helps your brain recall it. I don’t think I ever got confused between i and hi, and there are far more far-fetched pronunciation aids in WK by default anyway.

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My mnemonic for is (Canadian artist) Bill Reid - it doesn’t have to start with that sound to work.


bonjour i’m 14, 12 when i started here, and just going to point out literally everyone knows what spooning is :v

“looks like fingers” yeah :no_mouth: i like how some people on here try to get around the pg-13 rule by making more subtle references but like we’re not dumb :joy:


sometimes the most juvenile mnemonic is the easiest one to remember. so i have fun with the こく readings.


How is spooning PG-13? Is hugging people, too?

Relevant video

But that’s only about swearing, which this thread is hardly about.

It’s about keeping things PG-13, and my post was regarding the first title requesting X-rated mnemonics, as previously commented on. The actual ratings system also addresses sexual content.

And to answer your other accusation question, yes, both hugging and spooning (as long as there was only partial nudity) would be allowed in a PG-13 movie.

They said it, not me.




I honestly never thought either required any nudity, so I thought they’d be fine for G.

I still find it funny that PG-13 shows people killing and dying but show even a nipple and it’s PG-17. Rating systems can be ridiculous.


Someone posted something about the kunyomi for 国 once here, that definitely required some indirection to stay within the forum guidelines. For mnemonic effectiveness, well I haven’t forgotten that, I think of it every time I see 国. On the other hand, I wasn’t really forgetting it before; that’s kind of an easy one, and that one doesn’t seem to be used in very many jukugo, so.

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That’s because nobody under 17 has ever seen one. I mean, that’s totally not a body part…