Anyone have a lifetime iKnow account?

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I wonder what would happen if you emailed them and told them that you’re a Lifetime user and you’d like to buy a second Lifetime account.

@Zizka my Discord is VegasVed#3489 @NicoleRauch @seanblue probably good to have you guys on there too :wink:

From my experience, they probably won’t even reply!

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As you clearly already know, iKnow’s customer service is pretty awful. I lost all faith in them after they refused to refund a completely unused subscription (as in, the subscription period hadn’t even started yet).

If all you want is some kind of Core 2k/6k/10k SRS application, I’d recommend checking out They have decks for 10k and much more. It is paid, just like iKnow, but the price is reasonable, and they do have a lifetime option if that’s what you prefer.


Definitely second the Kitsun suggestion. Far more versatile and great customer support, tech support, UI, and an ever-expanding feature-set to go with every-improving content.


@seanblue @VegasVed thank you both, i’ll check out kitsun.


If you need a hand to set up the Kitsun 10k deck to be in sync with your WK progress, drop your Discord username on here and I’ll be happy to help :wink:

I’m confused. Why did you just tag me in a four day old post? What are you suggesting/requesting exactly?

Well, I used a 4 day old post so my Discord tag is not visible to everyone. And I tagged you so we could add each other on Discord too since DM’ing is not possible on here anymore.

Though now that we’ve responded to the thread, we’ve basically resurfaced it on forums and alerted anyone who was following it, so now I dunno how many people have seen my Discord tag :sweat_smile:.

Probably easiest to chat with me on the Kitsun server’s off topic channels. I’m assuming you don’t need the conversation to be truly private anyway. :wink:

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Didn’t even occur to me to go looking there!