Anyone have a good mnemonic for "Gyaku"

I’m learning the kanji for “Reverse”, and the reading for it is “gyaku”, but I really don’t like WaniKani’s mnemonic for it. You guys got anything good?

A yak went down a waterslide reversed and got a thorn stuck in its butt?


The reading only appears twice, you need a one off mnemonic :slight_smile:

How about tying it to guest (客, きゃく), but this time it is the kind of guest that trashes everything, the “gyaku”. Hanging everything upside down, opposing everything you say, even going down your waterslide with some thorny object even though you said it’s a bad idea, … After the gyaku died you can hope that you will have a good お客様 afterwards :wink:


If you have a hard time remembering “reverse,” you could put in the synonym as backwards or opposite. Or put it as “wrong way / other way round,” or “vice versa”…

I just remember an episode of VS Arashi that I watched where 逆に became a running joke…

You could also take this opportunity to learn about Phoenix Wright.


Oh, yeah. That too.

This really is excellent advice in general.

Literally used this game as a mnemonic for all 4 kanji in its name.


That’s a very good suggestion, I’ll keep it in mind. Congratulations on (almost) level 60!

Also for 成程

I watched the live-action movie version of Phoenix Wright a few years back, and now all the legal terms (intoned in deep, resonating voices) are embedded in my memory. Like 証人 and 裁判長 and so forth.

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