Anyone find themselves using the mnemonics in everyday conversation?

So today I was talking to someone and comparing a software launch at my company to a “tsunami”. I realized I’ve had tsunami’s on my mind quite a bit due to how common they are in the mnemonics.

Anyone else use one of the mnemonics in everyday conversation without realizing it?

I’m not at the point of full on Japanese conversations, but when I am thinking of kanji, mnemonics save my life. For those kanji that is hard to remember, I often find myself thinking of the mnemonic for a while that I get sidetracked…haha! For some reason, mnemonics are the only tool that helps me actually remember kanji/readings. No matter how many times I write the kanji, I do not get it in my brain unless I have a mnemonic to it. There are some really weird ones on WaniKani :thinking: that I just need to make up my own.

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