Anyone else seeing this? [Forum!]

This is probably going to be fixed shortly, as previously, I’ve seen this occur on the forum before, however that time it flashed for a second, and then was back to normal. When it happened then, I assumed Viet was making some cosmetic change to the code, and we were seeing it edit live. This time, the error stuck around for me to screenshot it. It may already be gone after I’ve typed this.

Just really curious if anyone else has seen this, and if it isn’t Viet… what the heck is wrong? (I have Tenderwaffles’ Stylish skin installed.)

EDIT: And the error is in fact gone already.

Out of memory, probably. Gone after restarting the browser.

Hmm, thanks. I think you are likely right.
Still strange that I’ve seen it flash before. Like in a blink of an eye, that error and then it’s fixed… but I had to restart anyway after a security update, and the issue is gone (after it showed up again in another thread even worse and began to persist a bit).

*sigh* Why is Firefox eating so much memory?

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