Anyone else get really frustrated by the wait times between lessons?

I know It’s a bit frustrating, and the first few levels start rather slow. BUT, once you get to higher levels, there is plenty to do.

The thing wanikani uses is SRS, which is one of the best methods to memorize supposedly, and once you get to level four and more the wait times will mostly be less than three hours in between.

Is the 7 hour wait time common? Do you start to unlock more than one lesson at a time?

Before too long you’ll be unlocking dozens or even over a hundred lessons at some levels. And you’ll be getting periodically quizzed on all the stuff you’ve learned before. So yeah you’ll have quite a lot to go through every level! They need to fit 8000 kanji/vocab into 60 levels, so… it starts you off slow then ramps up pretty quickly.

Depending on when I do my reviews (as they come up or in big batches), some days I could have stuff coming up almost every hour for stretches of time.

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That’s good to know. I really like this site but over reacted a bit at the 7 hour wait time. It’s the only lesson I’ve got to do right now and I can’t. I guess that means I should be back to working on what I’m actually supposed to be doing.

Just study grammar, or a vocab list outside of WK, or something else entirely. There are many aspects of Japanese that you need to know, so don’t fret over the slow start of WK.

For reference, I have around 300 reviews per day now, and I’ve had 150-200 for over a year.

EDIT: Check this thread for some suggestions:


By the way if you can install user scripts I highly recommend Wanikani Ultimate Timeline: [Userscript]: WaniKani Ultimate Timeline

It gives you a ton more visibility into what’s upcoming and I think it’s pretty essential for WK. It lets you plan better, and know ahead of time if the review session coming up in 6 hours is going to be 10 or 100 reviews.


I made this about a month ago. Might as well release to the public domain.


Just for reference, this will be your time schedule in the future. WK is a bit slow from lvl 1-4-, but it will definately become pretty challenging the more you progress. Use your time to study grammar and other stuff, because when WK becomes harder (and it will!) you wont have time for anything else.

Btw, this time schedule is accurate only if I dont take more lessons in the upcoming week, but in reality around Saturday I will unlock at least 80 lessons and I will take them, so it will be harder than it seems.


i only just started using WK but i think it is definitely worth the wait and instead of coming in for each review, i make it a point to login in once a day at the least and maybe twice if i have time. That way you dont have to wait for anything and just do it when you have made time for it specifically.

Also if you are not satisfied with learning so little or waiting, then find something else to learn. The developers of WK also have a website called Tofugu where theyve made a master Hiragana, and Katakana lesson pages. I learned Hiragana in a week and Katakana im working on now. It is really useful and could help you do something else productive if you havent already done so :smile:

To be honest, at my level im starting to dread the reviews that i’m getting everyday to the point that it became a daily chore to clear all every night before i sleep. (not really complaining just that I also have other daily commitment to manage)
I cant imagine how once I reached higher level like level 30-40, the load should be compounded lol but for now it’s still manageable. (I’m keeping the apprentice items under 150 so that I wont be overwhelmed by the daily reviews)

So, don’t be discouraged that you dont get enough reviews now cuz in the future you might be telling the opposite! haha

Here’s the link
I learned Hiragana with it in about 12 hours over two days. And taught me Katakana in about seven hours.

First - it’s what SRS are for, so thats exactly how it suposed to be. If you don’t like it you can try Anki. Second - at level 20 and above you will pray to have some free time without lessons/reviews.

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Get at least up to level 5 before complaining about review times. It’s only the first few levels that are slow because there aren’t enough items in the system yet.

That is the whole point of SRS, @emiliarate . You’re supposed to wait between reviews until you almost forget it, then get tested then.

SRS Level Next Level Total Wait Review
Apprentice 1 4h - Lesson
Apprentice 2 8h 4h 1
Apprentice 3 ~1d 12h 2
Apprentice 4 ~2d 1d 11h 3
Guru 1 ~1w 3d 10h 4
Guru 2 ~2w 1w 3d 9h 5
Master ~1M 3w 3d 8h 6
Enlightened ~4M 7w 5d 7h 7
Burned - 24w 6d 6h 8

To directly answer the question in the subject:

Not anymore, but for a long time, it was really frustrating, the wait times were way too short and the workload almost crushing.

Others have already explained why.


Typical Wani Kani user posts:

Level 1-4: Why is it so slow? How can I speed things up?
Level 5: Damn, this level is tough!
Level 6-15: When can I start reading manga?
Level 16-60: Help! I’m swamped with reviews!


Ooo thaanks ^^

Don’t worry, advance a few levels and you’ll wonder why you ever posted your question :wink:

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Isn’t this in the FAQ somewhere? If not it really should be.

Such a cool sloth picture!

It’s normal to be confused on the initial levels, but don’t worry things will speed up from level 5 onwards and you’ll wish the opposite. Level 1 and 2 can be done in 3 1/2 days if I’m correct, and when you start having kanjis in the mix, things will add up quickly. Load will increase a lot from level 5, for me worst levels were level 8, 9 and level 11. I stopped wanikani twice around those levels, I’m pretty sure a lot of people give up at that point too. I think what helps is really understanding how the SRS works instead of always guessing why such and such items comes back and when. At the moment I do 350-500 reviews a day, it’s tough and I can’t skip a single day otherwise the load is too high, but I’m making good progress.

My advice is to read the official and unofficial FAQ (they are not updated but most info is helpful and relevant, just some details on level times and number of levels are slightly different now), understand the SRS level, install the Timeline plugin, check the Wanikani Stats to visualise your progress and make sure you do your reviews everyday. Some people take it slow, other try to reach levels as fast as possible, this is up to you but I think it helps to be clear in your mind how you want to tackle the Wanikani monster.

For me, my biggest motivator is to see progress weekly by reaching a new level every 7 days (minimum time is 6 days 20h) and hopefully reach level 60 by october. Without this goal, I would not push through.

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