Anyone else find themselves using Wanikani-like mnemonics for their own notes?

Here’s a screenshot of a recent addition to the vocab section of my personal notes document.


I’d like to thank Wanikani for permanently transforming the way I approach vocab memorization. These aren’t even as absurd as my mnemonics have gotten.

My favorite two are probably:

きっかけ – Origin, starting point (of an interest or phenomenon rather than something physical). “The reason I hate letters? It’s because I once kicked a ‘K.’ That was the starting point and now I hate all letters.” Use with the past tense (でした).


かれる - To wither/die, for trees and plants. He (彼) is a tree, and will rue the day he started to wither.

Share your insane homemade mnemonics below.


I’ve been (very slowly) building a personal anki deck for Stein’s Gate so I can practice grammar and vocab in an actual Japanese text that I am already familiar with (so going slow won’t make me lose track of the story).

Anyways there’s lots of words I don’t know and I do this with every single one of them, since I only have my limited level 8ish radicals and kanji as a baseline. Here’s one example:

機関: organisation, agency, institution, body - きかん

There’s a devil at the gate of this massive secret agency, and he says he can (かん) give you a key (き) if you complete the ceremony for entrance. The ceremony involves kicking a bunch of poop under the large tree (き) in the courtyard. Then the key can (きかん) be given to you. Hrm… maybe I don’t want to join this organisation after all…

This technique of WK basically means as long as I can contort the kanji down to some collection of radicals I know (ie I know horns so I invent “devil” for a radical that is presumably taught on a later level) I have the tools to learn any new word.


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