Any way to skip some material?

I’ve only just joined the site and would like to actually study things I don’t know yet. Here’s the “problem”: I’ve been (rather capriciously) studying Japanese every now and then over the last three years and while my vocabulary is horrible when you consider the time frame, at one point I knew all the Jouyou Kanji and I certainly still know over a thousand. So I would like to skip the business of first learning Kanji here and dive straight into vocabs. Is there any way of doing this or is it necessary that I do the regular spaced repetition Kanji training, wasting hours and hours until the algorithm knows that I know a Kanji? Thanks

No way to skip anything

Please search before posting, this question is asked almost daily

In your case I would definitely use other resources as Wanikani is made for people (almost) new to Kanji … There’s a list of resource out there, but for you probably a good Anki deck or Memrise are better option than WK.


As they have said:

  1. No, luckily there is no way for skipping material
  2. This is a place to learn Kanji. Vocabulary is there as an addition, but the main reason this web exists is for learning kanjis. If you actually know the Jôyô Kanji, you have completed all the kanjis from WaniKani and I would recommend to check for different resources. Look at @Erkanamen post or maybe you can directly check Tae Kim’s Guide to Learning Japanese Learn Japanese – Tae Kim's Guide to Learning Japanese

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