Any way to see what is the most common way of reading a kanji?

So I was doing my reviews and almost burned 左腕 (さわん)a second time. I resurrected it with its brother for a reason I forgot. Perhaps I read or heard somewhere the other way of reading it.

So I made it all the way and now I find out that they removed this reading from the kanji. I can only assume because it’s less common to read it this way which is why I’m here.

Does anybody here know or use a dictionary that helps you know what’s the more common ways of reading kanji?


Immersion pretty much, readings turn into a non issue eventually. Willing to bet alot of people dig into the details and overcomplicate things.

Sounds a bit like “just git gud” but it’s a bit like that.

If there was a word that I was unsure of I just checked it with Yomichan or Jisho and moved on. Focusing on details is just too time consuming, immersion usually irons out most stuff eventually anyway. Might not be too helpful but just my two cents.


In this case, Anime Context Sentence got it right. Perhaps Youglish too.

Obviously, listening enough helps. Maybe reading with Furigana too.

Monolingual dictionaries somehow don’t help. Perhaps this depends on the concept of vocabularies, as well as, whether the vocabulary should be put in a dictionary, according to the authority. Jisho sometimes doesn’t suffer from this, using user contents and being more liberal. disagrees. doesn’t help (although example is read correctly).

In the end, searching the web with {word} 読み方 helps the best. Not the first time I have to do this. Dictionaries don’t have everything.

A result being 左腕の読み方と意味、「さわん」と「ひだりうで」正しいのは?, leading to 間違えやすい漢字の読み方(1725) as a resource.




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