Any way to remove specific vocab from my queue?

A vocab item came up in a lesson today that is somewhat triggering for me and I’m not enthusiastic about having to see it several times in the coming days, especially as I think the nature of the word may make it harder for me to remember the reading, which will cause it to stay in my queue for longer. I also do not foresee it being of any use to me in my Japanese studies. Is there any way for a user to remove a specific vocab item just for themself? I saw that there’s a userscript but I’m worried about that breaking randomly / having to install it on every device that I use WaniKani on (plus I don’t think it would work on my phone at all). I have really been enjoying studying with WK and I’m worried about this possibly causing me to stall.

I don’t know if this script has been updated to work with the current version of WK, but


One, don’t be an ass. Two, they said they struggle to remember the reading, not the meaning


There are several responses someone can have to a trigger. My mind tries to forget about the word and the circumstance around it as a coping mechanism because the presence of the word in my short term memory is not tolerable. This isn’t wholly uncommon. As an aside, this doesn’t feel like a helpful or appropriate response. Handling the mental health aspect of this question is outside of the realm of what WaniKani can do; I just provided it as a reasoning for why this feature would be helpful.


Thanks, I’ll give this a try! I think it’s probably a good short-term solution if it does work, but in the long term I think it would be nice if it was a built-in feature, because the script could break and I can’t use it on my phone.

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You might want to send your feedback to the WK team. Normally I’d be pessimistic about any features being added to this application, but the past few months have seen some relatively big changes to the site. The topic potentially sensitive words has come up a few times and while the mods do seem to read the forums from time to time I feel like the feedback is more likely to get noticed this way.

The contact page also has emails listed:

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Cool! I’ll go ahead and do that.

Long story short @hatkirby this is one thing I’d also like to see changed, and it’s also been brought up before. Maybe it can cause other unexpected things to happen to the platform and that’s why it’s not been attempted before? Or even just, a flood stream of users wanting specialization of their WK journey? Maybe it’s all those things, but I face my strongest triggers on here as well, and made it to lv 60 in the end, having burnt every one of them.

I do feel like it’s useful to email the WK team about out thoughts about this issue though. Make your voice heard. I’ll join you on this one to bring it back up for discussion. They’re great people and will get back to you if you do. :slight_smile:

If under the current way WK works, I’d like to seem some items removed even IF they appear in newspapers in Japan, from time to time. Because, they’re also words that are not that common I feel in news media overall, since it’s a theme that is intentionally avoided as they’re known to be triggers to increased rates of deaths. That’s the sort of trigger I’m thinking of right now, and I really hope yours was something else.

*kind thoughts your way

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I would definitely contact them; they might be able to manually burn it for you?

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I hadn’t thought of that! I actually just got finished sending them a message, but if they respond, maybe I could request that in a further response.

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